Straightforward user experiences

That’s what I see as the best way to connect your audience with your story and make it easier for them to choose you. The first step in designing your website is working together to establish exactly why your buyers want you. Then we can design a website that reflects your audience’s journey as well as your own.

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  • Web design

    Straightforward custom websites, coded by hand. Attention-grabbing, carefully considered designs with personality, putting your message at the forefront.

  • Brand identity

    Branding needs long-term thinking; returning custom is important to every business, so a strong brand needs a clear and effective identity design.

  • Photography

    With a background in commercial and fine art photography, I know how to create simple, powerful images that really sell your brand, product and services.

  • branding-identity-example

    branding example

    Tino&Pip needed new branding to match the business’ new direction. After relocating to rural Scotland to specialise in elopement photography, the sophisticated branding seemed a little out of place. Several conversations and design iterations later, the decision was made to change to a more grounded and earthy brand.

  • photographer portfolio website

    photography example

    Bondy, director at Photography by Bond, wanted her website to really stand out from a very saturated photography market. We spent hours creating and photographing a single still life using objects that reflected Bondy’s story. The final result became the menu for her home page, along with some extra details for the rest of the site.

  • responsive portfolio website

    web design example

    Dawn Austin is a sought after international illustrator. Her clients include some very large transnational corporations, so she wanted her online portfolio to give an immediate connection with her audience. Optimising for mobile devices was the key to this design, as the majority of her clients view her work on smaller platforms.