Let’s keep it simple

A more fulfilling work life is the prize, but the journey can be overwhelming. With everyone and their dog making lots of noise about what you need to do when setting up and running a small business, making decisions isn’t easy.

We’ve been there. Twice. Now we want to help make your journey as pain free as possible. Let’s keep it simple. We hand-build straightforward websites that get right to the heart of your business and connect you with your audience.

Our promise

So, you have great ideas and belief in your business, and you want people see what you see. What you need is an inspiring and authentic shop window that displays who and what you really are: your website should communicate your beliefs and values to other people in the most straightforward way possible. It needs to tell your story so that people can hear it plain and simple, understand it, and buy into your vision. Your website should make it easy for people to connect with you, and our promise is to help make that connection!

Banjo Design's house rabbit
Martin on Duke's Pass in the Trossachs in Scotland
Penny on Dukes Pass in the Trossachs Scotland
Mojave Desert Road Trip
Trossachs sun rise Scotland
Us at Salt Lake on our US road trip
Us in San Francisco on our US road trip

About us

We live at the edge of the Scottish Highlands, and it suits us. There is a clarity here that feeds my need for simplicity: the landscape, the air, the lifestyle. I am devoted to simplicity, in my web designs, in my photography, in the everyday.

I’ve dabbled as a web designer for years: moving to Scotland was just the right spark for me to commit myself to design. I love my work. My wife Penny has now joined the business, and we love helping people build their dreams and finding their own sense of fulfilment. All from a quirky workspace in a corner of our study. Martin.

We have a house rabbit, Flopscotch, who can judge his meal times to the nearest minute. He keeps us on track.
Come rain or shine, twice a week you'll find us having a mountain view or lochside lunch.
We love road trips and discovering new places.
For our belated honeymoon, we drove 5000 miles around the South West of the USA in three weeks.
You’ll frequently find Martin with his hands clasped around a cup of Kukicha tea.
We eloped. We had our lochside ceremony all to ourselves and even took our own wedding photos.
Penny designs offbeat Filofax and Midori inserts for her Etsy Shop, Odds Like Me.
Why Banjo? My first attempt at branding involved a cheeky superhero monkey called Banjo. It stuck!