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Logistics and legalities of eloping to scotland

In a past life Martin and I were wedding photographers, specialising in Scottish elopements. We wrote the following post explaining how easy it is to elope to Scotland and it was surprisingly popular. Since we’ve taken our photography website down, we thought it might be an idea to repost the elopement info here, so that the resource isn’t lost forever!

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Ideal Customer Persona Featured

An imaginary friend is just what you need to boost business

This imaginary friend is otherwise known as a customer persona. A persona is a fictitious, generalised representation of your ideal customer – a kind of composite sketch. If your target customer is undefined, you’ll feel like you’re standing in the middle of a crowded room, reciting your beautifully crafted sales patter as loud as you can, and nobody even notices. A customer persona helps you to address your ideal customer directly and personally.

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How to Write a Web Design Brief Featured

How to write a solid website design brief

Writing a website design brief is crucial to getting the website you really want. Firstly, including a brief with your initial enquiries to web designers is a surefire way of putting the final quotes on a level playing field. If all designers have the same information to hand, it will give you a better understanding of what you can get for your budget. Perhaps more importantly, a design brief is the perfect reference document for the design process. It gives you and your designer a set of initial guidelines to refer back to as the design progresses and evolves.

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illustration of sad rabbit on moonlit night

How not to build a website

I became interested in web design while building the website for my previous small business. I spent time learning all kinds of advanced techniques that I thought would make me stand out from the crowd…

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