Banjo Design Process 1

initial chat

First things first, we like to understand the scope of your project, the timeline for completion and your potential budget. We encourage all our clients to write a design brief. This encourages an in depth discussion about your business, and helps us put together the right quote for you. 

Banjo Design Process 2

design inspiration

Your design brief gives a glimpse into the kind of design you are looking for. We also encourage you to create a private Pinterest board. Pinning designs, images, typography and colours that match the vision you have for your business brand helps us to create a mood board.

Banjo Design Process 3


We’ll then need an idea of the content you want on your home page. We can use this to design an initial concept, which can be refined using your feedback. Don’t be afraid to ask about making changes. This is your business and it’s important that we are meeting your expectations.

Banjo Design Process 4


You should start gathering your finished content at this point. This must be polished and professional, as it represents your business and brand. Don’t be afraid of hiring outside help, such as copywriters, photographers and videographers. The initial expense pays off in the long run.

Banjo Design Process 5


Once you are happy with the concept, we will create a private online prototype, so that you can test it as a working design in your internet browser. Testing a functioning site allows you to give us better feedback. Once you’re happy with the online prototype we can complete the design.

Banjo Design Process 6


When the build is finished and you are happy with how everything looks and works, we finally get to show off your new design to the world! All that hard work we’ve put in is now ready for you to engage your audience.