Hi, I’m Martin Winter, a designer living at the edge of the Scottish Highlands. I make simple websites for real people.

I have worked with numerous small businesses, creative businesses, e-commerce sites and local communities to fulfil their website and brand goals.

I believe in being curious, cutting out the bullshit and getting to the point. My designs and my business are simple, approachable and accessible. I just like making life easier for my clients.

I’m an adoptive Highlander with a love for playing the guitar, my baby daughter, road trips, crumble desserts and movies with no proper ending (hey, nobody’s perfect).

Want to work together? Email me, or use the contact form.

Why the flamingo?

The flamingo on the home page is not a relic from its big, fashionable, kitsch-embracing resurrection of 2017. Documentary “The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos” claims the flamingo has symbolism tied to the legendary Phoenix. The Phoenix is a creature characterised by its ability for renewal. In the same way, the rising sun symbolises rejuvenation. I like how these tie in with the idea that websites and brand can also offer the opportunity for renewal.