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Offering tips and tricks to small businesses and start-ups: We’ve been there… more than once. Starting up and maintaining a small business is exciting, life changing even, but at times, overwhelming. There is a lot to learn and a lot to remember. We regularly add to this series of blog posts sharing the things we’ve discovered along the way, and the things we continue to learn. We aim to cover a wealth of topics relating to small business success, including advice on website content, core SEO, marketing strategies, social media, blogging and plenty more. Leave us your details so we can keep you updated.


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illustration of working from home in pyjamas and novelty slippers

7 compelling reasons to have a blog for your business

Should you consider adding a blog to your business website? I think the rewards are well worth the time and effort involved. Here are 7 reasons that could help you on the road to greater productivity and customer interaction.

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How to write a fine about page without blushing

Not everyone relishes the idea of talking about themselves, especially in a promotional sense The thing to remember is that your about page is not about you, it’s about how you can help your visitor. The power of the about page is massively underestimated – about pages are often the most visited page on any website and also the most neglected. Grab the attention of the right people, assure them that they are in the right place and make them want to stay.

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Make your website content sing with just a few tweaks

You have a brand spanking new website to be proud of and you’ve shouted it from the roof tops. Now you just have to wait for the phone to ring, right? Still waiting?

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Website navigation tips: are you in a pickle with yours?

To help your visitors navigate their way towards the prize with minimal instruction, your website’s navigation should be enticing, effortless and intuitive. I’ve brought together a few of our best website navigation tips. Start by imagining an aloof cat, roaming around without purpose or agenda. Now imagine your website navigation is a laser pen. This is your mission.

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How to choose a domain name to be proud of

Your domain name is your web identity and should make a first impression that resonates. It must be memorable, enticing and a proud representation of you and your brand. Back in the day you could pick a brand name, and promptly buy Nowadays with everyone and their grandma fighting for their own corner of the interweb, we must be more creative. Your domain name is a long-term commitment, and should not be purchased without due consideration.

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