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Banjo Design has created a really unique and user friendly experience for my clients to the extent that even my bank’s business advisor commented on it. It was also created in context of ongoing changes in ideas and instructions from me which Banjo Design easily took in their stride. I would have no hesitation in recommending Banjo Design, and already have several times. Great work!

Damien Cominos, SPA Medical director

SPA Medical offer corporate health and wellness services with the aim of reducing employee health problems and increasing productivity.

The Brief

I encourage all my clients to write me a thorough design brief. It lets us both know where we stand in terms of the final website. Sometimes as the design evolves we need to make significant changes from the initial brief, but that is par for the course. In the case of SPA Medical, the brief changed only because SPA were continually investigating and expanding the possibilities of their startup business.

As a health organisation, SPA Medical really needed to bestow a sense of trust, but also a sense of humanity. I think the branding we designed creates that feeling. The logo is an abstract figure, one that I feel softens the more clinical side of the branding and website. Green was a clear choice as the primary brand colour.

My role

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Planning & Architecture
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Client Area
  • Integrated Appointment Booking System
  • Integrated Mental Health Assessment
  • Ongoing Management
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