The testimonial

I am an Accountant. 

Many moons ago, on the day I qualified, I was required (by law) to hand over the colourful, creative parts of my brain in return for my certificate. It was a happy day.

Many years later, I decided to set up my own business. I needed a website, of course, so I sat down to design what it should look like. It came out grey, very grey; and that’s when I remembered what I had handed over to the accountancy gods on qualification day.

I needed help. Fortunately, I was recommended Martin from Banjo Design. I looked at Martin’s own website, where he described the process he goes through from start to finish when designing a site for a client (I like processes – I am an Accountant).


Ultra simple and fuss-free web design

Chris came to me with established branding, as ‘Avenue Bookkeeping’, but asked me to create a new brand identity when he changed his business name down the line to CKM Accountancy. He had initially considered creating his own website, but when he realised how time consuming it would be to achieve what he wanted, he got in touch with me. His website brief was perfect – he had clearly considered and researched exactly what he wanted.

“He wants you to love the design, and for it to perfectly complement your business style.”

During our first conversation, two things struck me. Firstly, the design needed to be ultra simple and fuss-free. Secondly, Chris was really keen on including some helpful articles for anyone looking for accounting info online. I made sure that the resulting site was very user-friendly, and easy for Chris to update himself.

Chris really wanted some kind of key or symbols to signify certain areas of his business. The (rather excellent) articles he writes needed to show which of his four services they were relevant to, so I came up with a colour code that runs through the site.

The design on Chris’ site didn’t need to be fussy and complicated – just simple and straightforward, so that Chris’ clients could really see what he is about. He has a way of explaining things in straightforward terms to those that don’t have his knowledge, and I think the site needed to reflect that.


ckm accountancy web design screenshots


Chris’ thoughts

I asked Chris to write a few words about his experience, because it helps me to improve my design process with future clients.

I got in touch and it was the best decision I could have made. As suggested on his website, Martin approached the whole process in very methodical manner, firstly trying to tease out some basic ideas of what I wanted the site to achieve for my business and general ideas about what look I would be going for.

He then started to build an outline design, taking elements I liked and expanding on them and happily ditching those I didn’t. As the process went along he came up with some very nice design ideas to link pages and themes together. The whole process was very smooth and controlled.

Martin obviously knows how to design a very nice, unique looking site for you, but he offers much more than this. He wants the design to get across your message clearly; and he wants the site to be easy for you to manage and update on an ongoing basis…

You’ll definitely find Chris’s dry sense of humour running through the images on the site – I think we both had plenty of fun looking for those photos!

See for yourself



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