The Brief

I encourage all my clients to write a design brief. It lets us both know where we stand in terms of the final website. Sometimes as the design evolves we need to make significant changes from the initial brief, but that is par for the course. In the case of SPA Medical, the brief changed only because SPA were continually investigating and expanding the possibilities of their startup business.


The Branding

As a health organisation, SPA Medical really needed to bestow a sense of trust, but also a sense of humanity. I think the branding we designed creates that feeling. The logo is an abstract figure, one that I feel softens the more clinical side of the branding and website. Green was a clear choice as the primary brand colour. Not only is it associated with medical care, but research has suggested that it instills a sense of trust within people. I also used some lighter blues and pinks for the branding. Again, these colours help to soften the clinical nature of the business and promote the caring side.

illustrated desktop and mobile screenshots of Spa Medical website designed by Banjo Design


The Design

One of the most difficult parts of designing a website comes when a great deal of information needs to be made as simple and accessible as possible. With SPA, I separated sections in to individual boxes. SPA wanted to thoroughly inform potential clients but not confuse them with too much information. This is one of the most text-heavy sites I’ve built, but I think the content retains clarity within the design.


The Quirks

I admit I have a great love for learning new things. SPA Director Damien has been a frequent contact since we first spoke, but his ideas of what his business should be have created some very unusual research paths for me. For instance, as part of the SPA health assessments, he wanted to include an online mental health assessment for his clients. Finding a way to fulfil such a specific request was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do in one of my website designs. After a couple of days research, I was chuffed to come up with a solution, and SPA are incredibly happy with the result.


Damien’s thoughts

I have never seen anything quite like the website Banjo Design created for me. They have created a really unique and user friendly experience for my clients to the extent that even my bank’s business advisor commented on it. It was also created in context of ongoing changes in ideas and instructions from me which Banjo Design easily took in their stride. I would have no hesitation in recommending Banjo Design, and already have several times. Great work!”


See for yourself

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