Making decisions when setting up and running a small business website isn’t easy. I’ve been there. Twice. Now I want to help make your journey as pain free as possible. Let’s keep things simple: I hand-build straightforward websites that get right to the heart of your business and tell your story.

How long will it take ?
Your website will have unique requirements and the projected timescale will reflect those needs. Most sites take between 8 and 12 weeks to complete unless the design is very complex. If your new site has a completion deadline, do let me know.

What will my web design cost?
With such a variety of wants and needs out there, I cost every small business website once we’ve had a chat and/or you’ve sent me your design brief.

Is there another option for my timescale or budget?
I understand that for some small businesses, your time and financial resources won’t allow the option of commissioning a bespoke website. Why not consider one of my themes instead? The initial cost is lower, and you can dedicate more of your time to building your business by removing extra design decisions.

Which areas do you cover?
I can work with any small business because technology has made it so easy to work remotely with clients across the UK and internationally. If you prefer spending more time in face-to-face meetings, I am based in a beautiful rural spot in the Trossachs National Park in Stirlingshire. This central location means that I am just a short distance from many of the large cities and towns in Scotland, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and Perth.

Reduce your website stresses with a monthly maintenance & support package.

  • Comprehensive:
    £49 per month

    • Free, fully managed web hosting
    • Secured site with HTTPS (SSL certificate)
    • Monthly WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates
    • Weekly offsite full site backups
    • Security Monitoring
    • Hack recovery
    • Weekly malware scan & free removal
    • Uptime monitor
    • Email tech support
    • 1/2 hour per month of consulting and/or website changes
      (please note we cannot create or curate content for you beyond spell-checking or image resizing)
  • Premium:
    £89 per month

    Everything in the ‘comprehensive’ plan, plus:

    • 2 free domains (.com & recommended for UK businesses)
    • Bi-monthly WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates
    • Daily offsite database backups
    • Weekly offsite full site backups
    • Additional 1/2 hour per month of consulting and/or website changes
    • 20% discount for any additional consultation/development beyond the included 1 hour
    • Priority email + phone tech support
    • Broken link checking
    • Monthly database clean up + optimisation